Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yeracud and after.....

Drove down to Yercaud last Saturday. The same day as the Maiden show. What a shame. The trip was worth it though. Was dead beat after work for the past couple of months. So it was a good break from the drudgery of work. More on the trip later....Too lazy to type the whole story right now.

Went for a movie screening of Brazil by Terry Gilliam today. I arrived some fifteen minutes late I think, should have made that about three hours! Quite a mind numbing experience, with dystopian rants and according to me never ending final scenes.(It looked like the end but was not, at least five times I thought "Ah finally." but no it just didn't stop there.) Apart from some nice sets and some mildly peppered humour the only thread running was the Brazil song which reminds me of the aerobics classes which happen diagonally opposite to my house. They would play this song at semi full blast at five in the morning when the rest of the neighbourhood were snoring blissfully. The classes continue, frequented by shapeless "seismic" in nature beauties and the songs they cover these days are more of the "nach" variety currently the flavour in Bollywood.
As for Brazil Sai quite summed it up with, "Its 1984 Monty Python style."