Thursday, September 20, 2007

Swinging all the way

Six things that swung all the way....
1 Yuvaraj Singh's 6's in Durban.
2 Sensex crossing the 16000 mark
3 6 years since the 9/11 attacks
4 Today I had my 6th haircut in 6/3 years. (Bad one i guess!)
5 Gold hitting a 16 month high
6 My waist is fast approaching 36. Glad to see that I am still in the OK zone.

Eyeballs :

I have just seen that I have had only 67 profile views since I started blogging. The essential need for a blogger is to be read and appreciated or criticised depending on the need of the post. Like I enjoy reading, writers also live by being read. Hence the need of the hour-more eyeballs. (I love taking things literally and also make things more graphic.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Of Past Haunts(loves)

Last week was convocation day in college. Had to give it a miss though as I was not in town. So decided to collect the degree certificate today, in the hope of seeing myself finally having achieved the status of a GRADUATE, some fifteen months after I had passed out of college! Unfortunately the concerned person was having his lunch, hence I am still not in mine own terms a graduate.

The time earned thus was quickly diverted to make a couple of calls to old loves and haunts. Love being an emotion (for me) restricted so far only to books, music, movies, food and a couple of other unmentionables and not the fairer sex (apart from the familial subset) as might have been thought of by you my discernible reader. Though I did come close to exploring it.......

The first stop was made at SK Bakery, on that colourful road named after a certain Markham. Two lime juices (sweet and salt) downed faster than I can type this last word, and a quick exchange of gossip about the alma mater with the Malayalee owner later, I parked my bike outside the Kerala Beef Stall near Johnson Market. Though Khazana with their delectable beef biryani and vonderful veal kebabs called out, time constraints, made me dash to Mecca Cafe for that timeless brew of Sulaiman Chai. Lime pips bobbed up and down tickling the lips till they were left low and dry at the bottom of the cup, their services completely used up.

All this brought back memories of the numerous discussions we had at Mecca and SK topics ranging from the latest cover of the Rolling Stones magazine to Britney's tonsured head. All the jokes cracked, laughed at loud and cut short by the killer stares to maintain decorum from the maitre de at Mecca. All the classes missed, all the ego clashes, all the last one rupee coins pulled out to pay for the chai, juice, samosa, et al.

The sepia tinted smoke clears in a flash. The memories remain......

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yesterday for some strange reason someone messaged me, "Are you wearing red?". I replied in the negative, and that was that. Now, I have been trying to logically deconstruct the whole act. The main thesis will refer to why she SMSed the aforementioned message. I believe, the reasons are as listed below:
(1) She saw me, or a person like me, but instead of calling out (and in case of mistaken identity and embarrassment on finding it was not me) she got away by messaging me.
(2) She did not want to bump into me (as I was scaring her?) hence check with me by SMS if it was actually me.
(3) Since I hadn't seen her for quite sometime maybe it was a line to start the conversation with me?
(4) I am fast running out of reasons, primarily because this post was initially written a couple of months back and I do not seem to remember what I might have thought at that point of time.

And apart from that I just did not want to see a 'draft' post as part of the 'post settings'. I like to complete what I start. So here is to Le Fin.