Saturday, June 2, 2007

One Year Older.....

Yesterday I turned one year older. Messages and calls flowed in, the whole day from all over. Much thanks to all my well wishers. Though it wasnt anything special, the day as such. The usual happened work, chai in the morning, informing my clients that we would be launching a gold fund soon, some gossip on the latest movies, meeting friends for lunch and dinner.

Thought I would treat myself to couple of new books at Premier, but forgot to carry my coupons care of the KQA. That was a disappointment.

Everyone at office was quite gung ho that I had turned a year older. The joke around office is that I turned 32, a reference to my balding pate and other characteristics of what is generally seen in what they term affectionately an "Uncle". Jokes apart I have turned a decade younger than the aforementioned number. As Mr A, a colleague of mine puts it, age, is after all a number.
A first of its kind was witnessed by yours truly yesterday. I cut my first birthday cake! Surprisingly I cant remember having cut a cake during the whole process of having existed so far in my life. Thanks again to everyone in office for that distinction. Apart from having cut the cake, it was me who also the chose the cake, another dubious distinction in professional quarters. The day also left me richer with a Pepe short shirt, slightly in line with shirts worn by Jaswant Singh, the ones with flaps on the shoulder blades. Though his shirts donot have any juvenile slogans and designs!
Birthdays are also a time to reflect on the past and what can be witnessed in the future. So heres to a great year ahead. Cheers.

P.S.- Saw Pirates the Third today. Quite Bollywood in nature with a "Dus Saal Ke Baad" end after the credits. The high point for me would be Keith "Dark Prince" Richards appearing as Sparrow's father, pickin' at the guitar(Spanish?) with the usual aplomb of a sinister wizard. And of course Jack, himself and his dainty moves around the screen.

P.P.S- This made my day. At the back of an auto, "Aunty Joot, Uncle Tus"