Thursday, November 22, 2007

Raising the Bar

Its appraisal time at office. So everyones cross evaluating each other apart from doing their normal work. The thing about cross evaluation is that it allows you to loll around office acting important in front of the computer (sales guys, unlike techies don't have much opportunity to do this). It also makes you think hard about the person who you are evaluating, what you do unto him/her is what will be done to you!
Surprisingly today a colleague from another state, calls and asks, "Dude what are your strengths?" Cant figure out for myself, so just list it out so that I can put it down for you! Also suggest some areas of improvement. The main intention of this exercise I believe is to avoid self evaluation. Ultimately what all this leads to is an annual bonus, a promotion and a hike in my salary, something that I am eagerly awaiting. Economic benefits are most welcome.

Update wise.....had been to Udhagai two weeks back(family trip) and Kerala last week to attend a couple of cousins' weddings. Hectic weekends leave little time to blog and write. Heading out of Bangalore again this weekend to Mysore to visit a certain Mr P at his Infosys campus and if possible head to Wyanad from there.

Need to generate more ideas for this blog. Its stagnating into 'a what I did and what I will do' journal with practically no literary content. More than generation of ideas and thoughts I think its about logging in the ideas when they strike you. Probably need to just write them down on a piece of paper and later add it here or better still get a blog enabled device. Wanted to write something about love's labour lost, my job and people i meet on a daily basis as part of my job. Just cant think of anything though suddenly. Shall blame it on writer's block and lack of time, not to mention lethargy. Anyway shall stop before I continue ranting.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In case of....

.... no posting for sometime I feel good by putting a one liner or adding a photo just to think to myself that this thing is alive. So here it is, one of mine own.
Venue-Casa Picola
Characters-A bunch of girls zonked after their European Literature exam and I(the said ladies not having been zonked by me).
Context- Ms SB is thinking aloud to herself that she is thankful for the number of people she knows from the banking industry.
The 'banking industry' phrase being wrong, I corrected her to mutual fund sales guys and that she should be thankful that she has so many friends to 'bank' upon. Ha!
And to add a photo, for aesthetic sake, heres one from the Pondi trip. I was proud of myself after capturing this.