Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Week So Far....

Its been quite a hectic week so far, with a new fund offer(World Gold Fund) closing tomorrow. The high point of course would be the rains yesterday I think. The topic of conversation for most people I met today was "Where were you stuck?". They made it sound like it was the great deluge or something. As for me I was below a scaffold near Bangalore Central, being subject to conversations like, why a certain pair of trousers had to be returned without being altered as the bill for the aforementioned trousers were not in order. This from an employee of Central most probably part of the Merchandise Altering Dept. to a colleague from a different Dept. who gave him an exasperated look as if, "Oh I know, the nerve they had to ask you?!". Inane might just be my middle name.

Monday was a good day though. Had attended a kutchery at Odakkathur Mutt near Ulsoor lake. T M Krishna had a delightful voice which deftly wove through various ragas. Though I am not a specialist on the subject of Carnatic music(i cannot identify ragas or anything, except for Hamsadhwani),I enjoy carnatic music, especially the thaniavartanam (percussive duel should loosely describe the word). A rather sad thing I noticed was that quite a number of the elder people find the best time to break for a leak or anything else is during the thaniavartanam. Rather discouraging for the artistes I feel. Anyway a good, rather divine two hours were spent in the Mutt.

Tuesday was the day of the rains. And it was quite heavy to say the least. Three hours stranded near Central and not an acquaintance in sight. Heavy on the legs, not to mention the boredom. The torrents in the silver and gold lights falling on the hoardings did break the monotony though.

Just saw Woody Allen's The Purple Rose of Cairo. Truly a treat. A wonderful work of absurdity. Its about a girl who lives a sad real life during the great Depression and longs for the reel life. And out of the blue, the star from the movie she is seeing in a theatre, walks out of the screen abandoning his reel life for the real life. Among the various adventures that they share including the girl's(Mia Farrow, she does a brilliant job as the small town girl forever in awe of starry Hollywood) trip into tinsel town on the black and white screen, dark comedy blends with absurdity seamlessly weaving a magical world, leaving you very warm at the end of it all.

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