Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yesterday for some strange reason someone messaged me, "Are you wearing red?". I replied in the negative, and that was that. Now, I have been trying to logically deconstruct the whole act. The main thesis will refer to why she SMSed the aforementioned message. I believe, the reasons are as listed below:
(1) She saw me, or a person like me, but instead of calling out (and in case of mistaken identity and embarrassment on finding it was not me) she got away by messaging me.
(2) She did not want to bump into me (as I was scaring her?) hence check with me by SMS if it was actually me.
(3) Since I hadn't seen her for quite sometime maybe it was a line to start the conversation with me?
(4) I am fast running out of reasons, primarily because this post was initially written a couple of months back and I do not seem to remember what I might have thought at that point of time.

And apart from that I just did not want to see a 'draft' post as part of the 'post settings'. I like to complete what I start. So here is to Le Fin.

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