Thursday, December 20, 2007

Morbid Thoughts....and the past weeks and the future.....

Random Quote
"When one by one our ties are torn,
and friend from friend is snatched forlorn;
When man is left alone to mourn,
oh! then how sweet it is to die!"
Anna Letitia Barabauld

According to thedeathclock I will rest eternally from Thursday, March 13, 2059. The funny thing is it appears as the same "date" whether I am overweight or not and also whether I am a smoker or not. Since I am a Gemini I shall humour myself and thedeathclock thinking it is the 'twin' funda.

Was in Goa for less than 36 hours the last weekend. The journey was planned on the spur of the moment. Maybe I should reconsidered it as I was lighter by about 2000 after the 36 hour sojourn. Maybe not, I like entering tunnels even if there is no light in sight.

This weekend being a long weekend has been booked for the family. So we are driving down to Shravanabelagola, Belur and Halebid and from there onto Hampi. I am sure there is some Gypsy blood in us, tending towards the higher end I must say.

Last week I also won a quiz after a long drought. Sai and I (aided by the fact that some sitters decided to come to team four,Aristotle; that was our name on stage)teamed up for the quiz at St. Josephs College of Business Administration and went home with a coupon for Rs 12500 each. The holder of the coupon gets a one day packaged natural healing and stress relieving at Ayurvedagram for a couple. I tried giving it to my parents and was downright refused. Any way its got a validity of 6 months, so that much time to find an eligible lady. - Must try a pick up line with this coupon featuring somewhere. - Or maybe not. The fact that I could get my ears boxed is not something that I might look forward to.

The end of the year fast approaches and I have only about 1616579720 seconds to go in my life. So I shall linger not no more and attempt at getting ahead.

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dude,ill come along.. lol...