Sunday, May 25, 2008


I did ask you,
It is true.
Questions asked,
Answers denied.
I wait and wait,
At your gate.
Down the corner,
Like a foreigner.
Shunned by his own state,
Cursing my fate.
Looking for a sign;
Hopes benign.
Weeks pass by,
I try and try.
From the day I was born,
I remain lovelorn.


moribund-dreams said...

ena machi.sentimental stuff??ella okay??

Sai G said...

what. with the bald head-frenchie look, and not to mention the Royal Enfield, i thought such matters would look brighter now :)

corporate soldier said...

oh the frenchie is gone. Things are definitely looking brighter but as in the Netherlandish Proverbs sometimes 'The herring does not fry here'.
But there is no point in 'There stand the wooden shoes':-)