Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Functions

I was at a family function yesterday. Most of my family functions happen in Kerala. They work as great excuses to bunk office, travel by train and most importantly EAT. Once in Kerala the routine numbing weekday transforms into a highly orgiastic day of exercising number two and number four of the Seven Sins, Gluttony and Sloth.
This last visit saw me wolf down 8 appams with stew followed by 4 adas(a sweet preparation of jaggery and grated coconut in a flattened momo style rice flour, the whole preparation is then steamed in a banana leaf). There is nothing better than a Malayalam movie to keep you company in the midst of all this and Mukillyatha Rajyatha was heaven sent at that moment.
Promptly after the last ada vanished from my plate the eyelids turned heavy and the bed beckoned. Morning siesta over it was time for lunch. Though the fare was a simple rice/sambar affair the highlight for me was the unlimited servings of banana chips and 2 preparations of raw mango, one a chutney kind of curry and the other a freshly cut and spiced pickle. Lunch over it was time for another trip to a far far land. The heat tried playing spoilsport with a power failure but with such a laden tummy nothing could stop me.

The function was a "grand success" as such events are described in various sections of the media.

A general occurrence at such events is that all the seniors in attendance, out of curiosity and possibly ulterior motives of a future alliance making, enquire on my status education wise-"MBA not done still?" and work-"how is the new company?". These are the the two prime questions, followed by other meanderings. I have been wondering if there is a possibility in the near future where such curious peoples' lives is made easier with a tablet kind of contraption which lists out the tedious details of a person's bio-data matrimony-wise.

PS: Ennui continues unabated after the lazy weekend trip to Kerala.

Rest my weary limbs/soul/eyelids.


Ajoy Philip Babu said...

dude,tell me about the food. went down for a cousin's wedding and ate so much... and then the questions .. lol.. "mone,paditham over?" (son,studies over?)


Vivek Nenmini said...

the much touted question is a universal phenomenon afterall:-)
however its a sign of an active fan-club following your movements. your only solace is you are in the limelight, like being followed by the paparazzi...ok, not that i guess.

foodwise, the basic elements at the functions i attend remain the same, except for probably the payasam. will post a lengthy one on that soon.