Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boogie Chillun'

Read an article on the blues in a Brit Folk music magazine. Though I forget the authors name, he writes about the new avatar of blues and how the old guys still influence the new breed in much the same way as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters re-created or re-stylised their predecessors music, who were mostly talking of their lives on the "Pickin' Fields". Anyway the author gives a brilliant tail-piece to his article which has been published below-
"There's more blues available to you today than there ever has been. Most of the giants, I grant you, no longer walk among us, and those of us old enough to have seen some are increasingly grateful for the experience. But if you want to immerse yourself in the subject from top to bottom, using all the media available to you, and still go out to get drunk and boogie occasionally, then the time to do it is , as it always has been, right now."
Will try to find the author's name and link soon.


punk said...

Nice article on the blues..check out my refurbished blog at moribund_dreams.livejournal.com

pawan said...

blues forever baby. add to it some whisky, and we'll set sail!