Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sat Tzu and the Art of 'Board' room Warfare

Heres a tip to do well, when you face corporate bored(ro)om. Play Monopoly in office! Thats what we did yesterday. The topic of discussion over coffee in the morning was a weird German sounding chess move which was brought into the topic as an analogy as to how Reliance screwed up some other company in the telecom indusrty, which made an abnormal twisted reference to my favourite board game MONOPOLY.
So we headed out to Sapphire on Brigade Road to purchase the deluxe version of the above mentioned game. The first step inside brought back memories of my pre-high school days when I battled alone in my mind with GI Joe and Cobra figures
Those youthful yet violent days have made way to board room warfares, of course these are choreographed on the table in our conference room; our artillery, money(of the fake pound kind) and our business acumen. Though most were not familiar with the nitty-gritties of the game they picked it well and proceeded to thulp the shit out of me, the apparent veteran on the Monopoly gaming circuit.Mr A and Ms AM teamed up to show us how a duopoly works by joining hands and building houses on sites which they jointly held. A considerable investment was made in developing the key sites of Park Lane and Mayfair, which proved beneficial at a later stage when all opponents including yours truly made uncanny rolls of dice to land exactly on the aforementioned sites.
A stupid move on my part to hand away Fleet Street with all its journos to Mr M in exchange for Liverpool Station turned out to be disastrous with the rest of the game slowly being taken over by the joint team of Mr A and Ms AM. Though Mr M made a few decisive blows intermittently, the impact on the financial prowess of A&AM was next to negligent.
The game finally ended with A&AM emerging on top of the corporate ladder with their assets closing at 10K Pounds, Mr M followed at 4K odd, yours truly with a respectable 3.8K and Mr S on the verge of filing Chapter 11.

Some one mentioned Apna Sapna Money Money as a parting shot to the days events. I shall stick to "Show me the money!"

Till the next board meet....


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