Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving On

Seasons change. Situations change. Everything changes, people included. Like a river, change flows, eternal and ever-moving. Thats the truth. If you cant handle it, dont attempt to live on half truths and a false sense of well being. Enough sermonising...
This last week I saw Rock On. Its decent in the fact that its attempted to cover a band and its aspirations, the tensions among them, how things fall apart after the juvenile star status makes them think nothing can bring them down (things definitely can) and how they re group for their swansong. The tag line LIVE YOUR DREAM on the whole looks like a chapter from a self help book on the lines of Robin Sharma. Urbane, cool, appealing to the metro-multiplex yuppies, all in all a good entertainer.
In spite of all the hype and slick marketing for Rock On, Mumbai Meri Jaan, made a quiet entrance at the multiplexes (sadly there are hardly any stand alone theatres near home). It was absolutely brilliant. Tight in its composition, gritty portrayals and, for lack of any other superlatives, brilliant performances by Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon. It revolves around five interlinking characters a la "Crash" around the July 7th Bombay Local Train Blasts. Worth every paisa you spend in buying a ticket apprx 180 bucks on a weekend evening show.
Coming back to the moving on part.... I will be shifting from my current employers within a couple of days time. The first 2 years and 3 months of my corporate career have been spent in the company of wonderful individuals with their idiosyncrasies, loves, hates, moods, et al. Its with a tear gleaning my eye that I will have to bid adieu to A, M and the others. I will miss the innumerable lime teas on Edward Road, the full meals at Eden Park, the Nico(man) across our office. Monday morning con calls, extended lunches, book hunting during office hours, attempts to set the lovelorn life right, New Fund Offer madness,FMPs, Gold Fund NAVs, call report by Friday 6PM, less than 36 hrs in Goa trips and most of all the "BLADE". Thank you S,A,M you have sharpened me:-)
Endure. The memories will remain, soon to be laminated in sepia in some corner of my brain, untouched till a trigger happens. Time to move on, flow, experience, see more, learn more.

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