Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pickbrain am I missing an R somewhere?

Watching Pickbrain is nauseating. Caught the Pune round of TATA Crucible on tv and it was an excruciating 2 minutes, thats as long as I could bear him. Cant imagine how we sat through various quizzes of his as a contestant and I think one as a member of the audience. Having observed him at close quarters on stage on a couple of occasions here are a few observations:
1) The man is excitable at the drop of a hat. You could argue that he is enthusiatic about his compereing and wants to play to the gallery. Sorry sir, its a farce which comes through right in your face. By the end of the "show" you can be rest assured you have attended a stage show of the crassest variety, "subtle" humour (read as making digs at the contestants when they give answers which are related to industries of the processed latex variety) lines most of his one liners. His "superbs" and other superlatives restricted to "brilliant" and "excellent" delivered at audibly defeaning decibels bore your ear and yourself to death.
2) Veritably pompous, he likes the attention bestowed on him by serville sycophants who throng around him like those who bow at the feet of godmen of the Sri'do' variety.
3) Everything is played according to a script, even a slight deviation from the original and he is left gasping like a fish out of water.
All these are detterents to attend his quizzes, sorry "shows" but the money is good, though coming across it has also become tough for me, who am I kidding it was only Tata Crucible 2006, campus edition that clicked for me, hopefully not the last. I will continue attending his "shows", after all as someone said there are whores and then there are quizzers.

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Totally agree.

Fellow Victims,
Micalal and Sasural